According to the most recent 2022 State of CS Education report, 53% of high schools in the U.S. teach computer science; however, in Minnesota only 21% of high schools teach computer science, which is last in the nation (Code.org, CSTA, ECEP, 2022 State of Computer Science Education: Minnesota).

Leadership and investment at the state level play an important role in advancing computer science education across all schools and students.

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Many states have adopted policies that support equitable access to and participation in computer science for all K-12 students. Code.org outlines nine recommended policies, and they are one indicator or measure of progress in K-12 computer science education. Minnesota has currently enacted only two of the nine policies.

CSforAll-MN is a member of the ECEP Alliance and Code.org’s Advocacy Coalition. These national organizations share CS education policy best practices and support states in their local policy efforts.

Policies in Place

Establish computer science supervisors in education agencies

Allow computer science to satisfy a core K-12 graduation requirement

Policies in the Works

Create a foundational blueprint (plan) for K-12 computer science education

Policies for Future Equitable in CS Ed

Define computer science and establish K-12 computer science academic standards

Allocate funding for rigorous computer science professional learning

Implement clear certification pathways for computer science teachers

Create preservice programs in computer science professional learning

Require that all K-12 schools offer computer science

Allow computer science to satisfy higher education admission requirements

Partner With Us!

CSforAll-MN seeks to partner with policy makers to bring together state and local education agencies, representatives from the state’s executive branch, local computer science teacher leaders, and industry leaders to discuss these ideas, identify which are viable, and develop plans to implement them.

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