Teachers & Educators


Teachers & Educators

Teachers and educators play an important part in advancing computer science education. Learning to teach CS is not only possible, but it can be fun and empowering.

While Minnesota does not yet have clear certification pathways for computer science teachers, there are ways for teachers to incorporate CS education in their classrooms as well as a variety of professional development opportunities available.

Frameworks and Standards

CSTA K-12 CS Standards

CSTA Standards for CS Teachers

K12 Computer Science Framework

Simple Ways to Get Started

Run and Hour of Code in your classroom.

Join CSTA Minnesota.

Go on a field trip to places like the University of Minnesota – College of Science & Engineering or sign up for a virtual field trip through places like IGNITE Worldwide.

Connect with local companies like 3M and that offer programs for students to learn more about careers in CS.

Use kid-friendly programming tools like Scratch, Sonic Pi, or GameMaker to help your students start learning how to code.

Attend a national conference to learn more, such as the Grace Hopper Conference for women in technology, the Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing, the CS for All Summit, or the Computer Science Teachers Association conference.

Professional Development Opportunities

Partner with Technology Education and Literacy in Schools – a Microsoft Philanthropies program. TEALS helps teachers learn to teach CS.

CSforAll.org provides a directory of curriculum providers

Curriculum providers like Exploring Computer Science, Mobile CSP and Beauty and Joy of Computing offer professional development.

Connect with other CS teachers through organizations like CS for All Teachers and Computer Science Teachers Association.

MNCodes Summit is hosted annually in May by Code Savvy.

Code.org offers professional development workshops as well as maintains a list of professional development resources by grade band.

AVID provides many resources for teachers and educators to learn computer science and implement it in their curriculum and classroom.

Infosys offers professional development opportunities through The Pathfinders Institute.

“Computer science education is a win-win. It results in literate, creative problem-solvers who have the opportunity to have and create excellent jobs for our economy.”