Sample Letters


Sample Letters

Send an email or letter to encourage your local school and government leaders to offer or expand computer science education. You can use or personalize the samples below.

Sample Letter to a Teacher/Administrator

Dear Teacher or Administrator,

According to Gallup, 9 out of 10 parents want schools to teach computer science. Currently, in the state of MN, only 24% of high schools teach computer science. Studies show that computer science students outperform in reading, writing, math, science and are more likely to enroll in college. There are many reasons why all K-12 students should learn computer science: equity and social justice; competencies and literacies; citizenship and civic engagement; technological, social and scientific innovation; economic and workforce development; school reform and improvement; and personal agency, joy, fulfillment (Vogel et al, 2017). Every student should have this opportunity at every grade level.

Can I urge you to help expand computer science education in our schools?

– Explore curriculum and course options to be added into the classrooms in your district.
– Allocate funding for rigorous computer science professional development and support course development.
– If funding is limited, explore low cost or free programs and encourage teachers in your district to participate.
– Prepare teachers with professional development. There currently are no state guidelines for CS education certification but there are plenty of opportunities for teacher to develop these skills.
– Join the CSTA Minnesota Chapter community to connect with other CS teachers in the state.
– Support state policies that support CS education in Minnesota, such as policies that implement a clear certification pathway for computer science teachers.

Will you help put our school on the map for computer science education? Whether we are expanding our existing computer science offering, or starting a brand new program, we should participate in the growing movement to add computer science to the school day for all students.


Student/Parent/Community Member

Sample Letter to a Government Leader

Dear Government Leader,

I am writing you today to ask that you support the work of CSforAll-MN in their efforts to promote computer science education for all in the state of Minnesota. Currently Minnesota ranks last in the country for the number of high schools offering computer science classes. Our economy requires a diverse pipeline of creators and innovators to stay competitive in an increasingly technological world. By providing capacity and access to computer science education for all students in our K-12 schools, you will not only be investing in those students, but also in the economy of the state of Minnesota.

CSforAll-MN recommends the following policy priorities to advance computer science in Minnesota schools:

Create a foundational blueprint for K-12 computer science (MN bill HF 3243 introduced on 02/11/2022, and MN bill SF 3578 introduced on 03/04/2022).
Define computer science and establish rigorous K-12 computer science academic standards.
Allocate funding for rigorous computer science professional development and support course development.
Implement a clear certification pathway for computer science teachers.
Create programs at higher education institutions to offer computer science to preservice teachers.
Require that all high schools offer computer science with an appropriate implementation timeline and financial resources.
Allow computer science to satisfy an admission requirement at institutions of higher education.

We urge you to support these policy recommendations and to accelerate efforts in classrooms and unlock opportunity so that every student, in every school, can have a chance to learn computer science.