We celebrated the end of February with our first social event which coincided with SIGCSE 2019!

Feb blog

There were over 40 people who attended ranging from Minnesota CS educators to other state’s ECEP members. There were also appearances by national ECEP leaders!  As we shared appetizers from Pizza Luce (yum), conversations regarding computer science, equity, and experiences took  place. We left feeling grateful for such a welcoming and supportive community who is just as passionate as we are about expanding computing education pathways!

Many of our steering committee members were able to attend SIGCSE sessions and visit with other states who share similar goals (shout out to our neighbor state, Wisconsin).  We hope to continue networking, collaborating, and growing our state’s support system as we work to broaden CS education access.

Friendly reminder — If you are interested in joining us or know someone that you think would be a great fit for CSforAllMN, whether as part of the Advisory Committee or in a focused working group (we have a state summit to plan and a state landscape report to write), please reach out!  We want to make sure as many voices as possible are included.

PS – don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @CSforAllMN

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