About Us

About CSforAll-MN

Computer Science for All Minnesota (CSforAll-MN) is a collaborative effort by leaders in education, industry, nonprofit organizations, and higher education institutions from across Minnesota dedicated to advancing equitable computer science education policies and opportunities for every K-12 student in the state.

Every Minnesota student deserves access to and participation in high-quality computer science education.

We work toward that goal by:

  • Recommending state-level computing education policies;
  • Convening shareholders across the state to create connections between organizations and communities;
  • Listening to diverse shareholder voices;
  • Gathering statewide data to share with policy makers, leaders, schools, and families;
  • Disseminating research- and practice-based resources.


Meet our steering committee

CSforAll-MN is led by a passionate steering committee made up of individuals with backgrounds in education, policy, equity, industry, and other areas.

Jennifer Rosato

Director and CIS Assistant Professor at National Center for CS Education


Andrea Wilson Vazquez

Director of Educator Training Code at Savvy


Lana Peterson

PD & Community Engagement Coordinator at Learning Technologies


Sarah Barksdale

Ph.D. Candidate | Sr. Education Consultant at Thomson Reuters


Greg Larson

Sr. Director of Technology at Target


Renee Fall

Sr. Research Scholar at National Center for CS Education

Francisco Cervantes

Director of Creative Learning at Scratch Foundation


“I am passionate about being part of CSforAll-MN and creating state-level Computer Science education policy so that we have the ability to impact every K-12 student in the state, and do it in a way that is equitable and sustainable.”

Greg Larson, Target